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This site is a place to find 1280x800 wallpapers for your desktop or PS3. I claim no ownership to this photos. Each photo is property of their respective copyright holder. No copyright infringment is intended. If I have posted a photo that belongs to you (meaning you own the copyright), let me know and I give you credit for the photo or remove the photo altogether.I may post some "revealing" photos, however this is a "non-nude" site.

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10 August 13
Tags: velvet sky
11 June 12
2 June 12
Tags: Eve Torres
31 May 12
Tags: Nicki Minaj
Posted: 1:55 PM
Posted: 1:55 PM
28 May 12
Tags: Brooke Adams
Posted: 10:43 PM
Tags: Sunny Leone
Posted: 10:43 PM
Posted: 10:43 PM
Tags: Eve Torres
Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh